Fourth and final order of business: Lance Deeply wants me to formally complain to the pizza priests that their gluten-free vegan pizza is, quote, "not very good." I'm not going to do that, partially due to my aforementioned existential fear of Wanda, and partially because it just offends me. Consider the phrase, "gluten-free vegan pizza." Ponder the implications. If you cannot eat most forms of dough and are ethically opposed to eating dairy products, attempting to procure and eat a traditional Italian dish that is almost entirely composed of glutenous dough and cheese might not be the best use of your time. And if you DO manage to procure an unglutenous, cheeseless pizza, and upon eating it you discover that it isn't very good, that's probably because it is something new, something which can no longer be called pizza by honest folk. Lance can eat acorns and rice or whatever it is vegans do. I'm not going to bother Wanda. Issue resolved.
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