All right, folks, Wanda's here, and she brought pizza. Like... a ridiculous amount of pizza. I don't think I fully understand how a non-profit religious organization was able to produce this much pizza on such short notice, but apparently they practice something called "dogmatic vertical integration" and basically they functionally own the entire pizza industry, which has weird implications for their charitable activities. I tried to offer some of this pizza to the homeless guy across the street and he looked at me like I was insane. He said, "we're so sick of pizza, man. There's such a thing as too much free pizza." And then he said, "Hi Wanda" and Wanda said hi to him. What I'm saying here is for god's sake eat as much pizza as you possibly can, because we definitely do not have room in the refrigerator for all this pizza. We can go over some of our design ideas with Wanda while we eat.
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