Every cop starts to get a bit jaded after a while - even the good cops, rare as they are. Sometimes a good cop gets so jaded that they can no longer buy into the idealism that attracted them to the job in the first place, and when that happens, you've got a time bomb on your hands. The sorry bastard either breaks down and becomes the crookedest, most morally bankrupt asshole you could ever have the misfortune to meet, or - in rare cases - goes so far past jaded as to circle around to idealism again and become a zealot with no regard for the rule of law. I couldn't stand crooked cops. Still can't. So when I followed Jey into that fresh hell and didn't bat an eye, I knew I'd gotten good and jaded. And I suddenly understood why the ESI had seemed so arbitrarily confining, even before the Black Caste got under its skin. I'd become a zealot. I found my attention drawn to Sam, who had never once demonstrated any respect for, or even understanding of, the rule of law. In that moment, I suddenly felt I understood her perfectly. She was so goddamn jaded that she'd looped all the way back to childlike wonder.
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