"Sam," gravelled Max. He could have simply spoken, or called, or even bellowed, but he hated raising his voice enough to express any emotion other than embittered, world-weary contempt. So he gravelled. "Yes?" replied his harried partner, stumbling into the room with a trio of elite Hlurcht war commandos hot on her heels. Max didn't look up from his notes. "Sam, you remember that slippery little worm person from the last station?" Sam blinked, narrowly dodged a combat pick aimed at her head, and said, "the Vaa Srruk storyteller?" "Yeah. The frog guy with the dishonest face. What was his name?" "Kaarulh, child of-" "Karl it is," interrupted Max. He jotted down a few thoughts and shuffled through his notes. All evidence pointed to the Fiah, but convincing Max took more than an exploding mothership in high orbit and an entire planet full of physical evidence. He had a gut feeling that Karl had something to do with the abductions. He was going to prove it, and he was going to put that weird little fish man behind bars. "I could use some help, Max," croaked Sam, who was now choking two of the Hlurcht while simultaneously being choked by the third. Max ignored her. He didn't have time for her pointless side projects.
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