Excellent work on the scarring idea, everyone. The scars on Lon's face will contribute well to his darker, more threateningly brooding redesign; we anticipate the new action figures will sell like hotcakes to adolescent boys. Yes, I know the current action figures have been selling well to adolescent girls. The board of directors has made it very clear that we'll be marketing specifically to boys. Yeah, Wanda, I saw your design ideas and I really like them, but the board decided to go in a different direction. As in, they decided to go in a direction that led out of the boardroom when I presented your sketches. They barricaded me in there with office chairs and covered the glass wall with a giant banner featuring nothing but the word "COTIES," which I think was supposed to be cooties, with a big red X through it. I think they were building a pillow fort when I escaped through the 36th floor window and climbed back down here. Anyway, long story short: the bosses like the scars, good work.
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