There's an old saying: "the more things change, the more they stay the same." Always hated that one. I may be a fatalist, but I'm no defeatist. That kind of lazy determinism downplays the importance of decent people doing hard, dirty work, day after day, just to try to make a little corner of the world a little better for anyone who happens to live in it. Still, in some cases, the saying is true - the more a society changes, the more its people lust after the brutish delights their ancestors roared for. For example: hockey. I'm old enough to remember how pissed everyone was when the NHL outlawed fighting. Hockey's a beautiful thing, but at its heart, it's a bloodsport. Gladiators in armour, with blades strapped to their feet, battling in a frozen arena. When Gorth's racers left the starting line, I suddenly understood. Bloodsport. It was like hockey if the NHL had outlawed everything EXCEPT fighting.
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