"In entertainment news, Endstorm 3's filming was temporarily disrupted yesterday, when the 'peyote warlock' of internet meme fame arrived on the set and began casting curses on the cast and crew. Rather than involving the police, Producer Sally Perez instructed everyone to leave the set and called in several, quote, 'queer witches' to, and again, this is a direct quote, 'honourably confront this powerful warlock in a metaphysical battle of wills.' Later on in the day, Mrs. Perez, the peyote warlock, the witches, and some of the cast were reportedly seen in a having a picnic outside the studio. When contacted for a quote, Mrs. Perez confirmed that the peyote warlock's curses have been lifted, and filming is underway again. Moving on to politics, the United Kingdoms recalled a number of its embassy staff, citing a 'hostile political climate' in what is obviously a reference to kickboxer and adult film star Maria Perez' spectacular assault on the British ambassador..."
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