Well, Jesus. Blood loss, dislocations, broken bones, and state-sanctioned abduction, all on one page. The censors are going to have a fit, you know that? A freaking FIT. What the hell are we supposed to do with this?? Ugh, just replace this entire page with a banner ad for that one video game and then claim it's a technical problem we can't figure out. You know, that game the kids like. The one with the guns. No, not that gun game, the other gun game, where you're from America and you shoot everyone that's not from America. That one. Kids love that stuff, and the censors are okay with it as long as the ad doesn't have any blood or nipples in it. Explosions, fire, and the nuclear annihilation of all human life are fine though. So use an ad that has those on it, I guess.
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