Hey Sam. Please destroy this after reading it - I don't want to piss Jung off even worse.  I thought he was going to shoot me after I cracked up at that zinger you hit him with during roll call. I guess this is technically a violation of secrecy protocol, too, but I won't snitch if you don't. To answer your question: while I did theorize that the Fiah might have been trying to establish a stable Human population, I never said anything about their reasons for doing so. If Jung is really talking about the aliens breeding a slave caste or whatever, he's either doing his usual creepy always-assume-the-worst thing or knows something we don't (unlikely, seeing as he's a shit field agent and a worse detective). Hey, next time you organize one of your off-the-books pub crawls, do you think you could invite Kaamla from R division? I know we usually keep it to I-div personnel only, but we flirted a little last week and now I can't stop thinking about her. Do a girl a favour? I'd owe you one. -- Redford
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