"I'm telling you, Reginald, it's a disaster. An absolute disaster. The bloody madwoman's turned the whole country on its head. She- what? No, this isn't about Stephen. You should have bloody well known he was going to be trouble when you sent him over there. Honestly. The man's an absolute dog when it comes to the fairer sex. Where was I? Oh, yes, this new President of theirs. She's begun nationalizing their agriculture. Yes, all of it. I told her she would be violating all manner of agricorp patents, and she laughed. Laughed! She said, 'you cannot own the mechanics of life itself.' This is going to start a trade war, Reginald, and with an economy as big as America's, it's going to crash the whole damned market, you mark my words. Well, of course I told her that. She gave me some cult nonsense about 'society arises from people, not the other way around.' And half our spies are out of work, now she's gone and abolished the CIA altogether. And did you hear she's planning on spearheading nuclear disarmament talks? The women simply has no respect for the way things are done. God, I'm going to need a lot of wine for the next four years. Yes, of course. Give your husband my best. Ta ta, Reginald."
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