"Hello, Sally! This is Mohamed. Your wife Wanda asked me to look in on you from time to time. She thinks I can be helpful with the public relations for your film. To be honest, this is something of a pleasant change of pace. At least Hollywood is expected to be constantly beset by insanity. Do not worry about the police union boycotting your movie. Their public relations skills are among the worst I have ever seen. For now, we must concentrate on these allegations that the various adult performers you have hired are not for production purposes at all. I must admit these allegations are given some weight by the fact that you are not even officially casting for the movie yet, but in any case, you should probably make a statement. It does not even have to be believable. Just please do not say 'the lesbian peyote witches on the production crew wanted to interview porn stars to ensure that the alien pornography is authentic' or anything like that. I will handle the rest."
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