Karl called me wanting to know if he could have an "erotic fight scene" at some point in the movie. I wasn't sure what to make of that for a second, but after discussing it a bit, we came to the conclusion that basically his entire participation in the movie is going to be an erotic fight scene of one kind or another. He's a handsome adult entertainer playing the role of Henri, who is literally never not trying to fight everyone, in a movie that could tactfully be described as "Dadaist sci-fi erotica." Karl was pretty jazzed about that until he remembered that he's playing a gay character, at which point he became pretty bummed that he wouldn't get to, and this is a direct quote, "grapple majestically" with any of the female characters. I pointed out that there's no reason a woman wouldn't want to FIGHT Henri, gay or not, and also that we can probably work in a majestic grapple with Jack, as played by Lance Deeply. So now Karl is like 210% on board. Nice guy, that Karl.
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