Director, can we discuss Supervisory Agent Hahn's promotion? She's a brilliant investigator and a spectacular field agent, but when you said she used an "unorthodox methodology," I expected more "Sherlock Holmes" and less "Dirk Gently." Reading Top Secret files in the break room? Bringing day-old pizza to roll call?? Director, if I may be honest: several of us worked with Agent Flagg on the Savage family investigation, and he's already established a reputation as a rock-solid detective. Now everybody is saying that his files have all been given to Hahn, and Flagg can't access them anymore. I'm sure you have your reasons, but I'd like to request a formal announcement on the matter. I like Hahn well enough, but this situation has been hell on morale around here - it's starting to foment an atmosphere of mistrust. I approached Supervisory Agent Jung with this, but he launched into a rant about Hahn and Flagg that honestly sounded like something out of the comments section on a right-wing news website. -- Roth
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