Okay, this is good, I'm really feeling the tension and drama, but can we get some little Hlurcht snail people involved somehow? Like, what if Kana was a Hlurcht? Yes, I know the Monoculture is super xenophobic, but just bear with me for a second. We can figure out the whys and hows later. What's important right now is the whos. Specifically, who would little snail person Kana appeal to? That's right, small children. Our occasionally comedic, occasionally grim long-format webcomic plays really poorly to the "barely old enough to read" demographic and we need to fix that. When George Lucas needed to bring Star Wars to a new generation, he made Jar Jar Binks. You see what I'm saying? Kana could be the Jar Jar of our comic. She- what? What do you mean, nobody likes Jar Jar Binks? That's not what Marketing said, and Marketing clearly knows what they're talking about since they're specifically paid to do Marketing and only Marketing. We're making Kana into Snail Jar Jar Binks, and we're going to be SO RICH.
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