To whom it may concern: Regional Director Batukhan is dead. He was better known as Peace Director Voxir of the Ith Monoculture, an alien civilization with an interest in subverting ESI and establishing a silent hegemony on Earth. I killed him because he instructed me to kill Agents Roth and Flagg, as he believed they represented a danger to the Monoculture's efforts here. By the time you read this, I will be long gone - either my Ith colleagues have caught and killed me, or I've managed to steal one of their ships and escape offworld. I have attached a more detailed explanation and what little evidence I could scrape together. Hopefully one of the 127 agencies I sent this to can fill in the blanks. Ever since I was a child, I've pretended to loyally serve the elite caste that enslaved my people. But now that I've tasted freedom, I'd rather die than go back to their service. -- Samira Hahn. P.S. You guys don't know how lucky you are to have so much uranium. I can't believe you put that shit in *bombs.*
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