"I cannot allow that. You and your companions are all that remains of the Council of Peers. If the Mind-Thief bests you, all that we fought for - all that we sacrificed so much to protect - will be lost." "Respectfully, Science-Commander, I'm not sure that I agree. If we are able to defeat the Cosmic Mind-Thief, our knowledge and example will live on. Even if we perish, our triumphs will endure in memory. Science and reason transcend cultural differences. It is our solemn duty to protect the wisdom of the past, and maintain a clear path into a future marked by peace and understanding - even if we will not live to see it ourselves." "Scout Smart is right, Science-Commander. We want to fight. The destruction of the Council only proves how important it is for everyone to hold firm against the evils of intellectual hegemony. Win or lose, we're going to face the Mind-Thief head-on, and show her what we stand for!" [WARNER SIGHS] "So be it. Ready yourselves. In the morning... we go to war." ["TO BE CONTINUED" MUSICAL STING]
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