We’ve opened a call for questions about our comic for a podcast we’ll be starting up soon! It will cover questions specifically about The End (which is where YOU come in), discuss cool/interesting/terrible tropes common in sci-fi media, review and recommend the sci-fi media we’re currently consuming (movies, games, tv, podcasts, etc.) and talk about real universe news regarding cool space and tech stuff.

You can ask questions by commenting on my call for questions (no login required, I think), shooting me an email, or by sending me an ask on tumblr, or leaving a comment on this very post, whatever is more convenient for you!

There’s no deadline since we’ll be saving some for later podcasts, so ask as many as you like. The odds of us answering it will hinge on how great a question it is. We WILL avoid spoiling anything, and would like to focus on world building, clarifications and questions about our alien races, locations, tech, etc.

Ask away!