Hey all, it’s been a while. November/December was maybe the worst burnout I’ve had in the entire run we’ve been creating this comic, and a big part of that has always feeling like we’re just enough behind that every single week is a crushing, looming deadline I can’t hope to make. Our website is also having a few issues that I need to contact Hiveworks about and get sorted, and so I’ll be taking the rest of January to get that sorted and also get as many pages of this chapter done that I can. The good news is that I’m taking a number of actions to hopefully prevent this from happening again, and one of them is keeping myself visually on track with a progress meter, something I’ve had a lot of use out of over the years, but stopped doing for some reason? Here’s out current one, with chapter progress as of last night:

I’m currently about to sit down and start sketching out the nine pages I’ve roughed out over the past week, and I’m feeling really good about all of them right now. Anyhow, happy new years! Can’t wait to see what this year brings!