Hey everyone! I meant to do this in an author’s note with today’s update, but I’ve been having migraines all week and couldn’t manage it last night when I was writing the author’s note. I could fill pages on why migraines suck, but what you’re actually here for is the new wallpaper competition, so let’s get to it.

First off, here are the results from all previous polls from 2014 and what we’ve currently got done for 2015! I had to find a way to shoehorn them in up here since posting them under the polls seems to break them. This is a good time to mention that patrons get all of these as huge wallpapers in many sizes, and for as little as $1/month you get immediate access to these, and as long as you’re still subscribed, all future wallpapers the second they’re done.


The theme for July is SUMMER VACATION! Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s a pretty obvious choice that I normally wouldn’t make–I actually kind of hate summer because it’s usually pretty humid and suffocatingly hot. However, this year Ottawa has basically been in a state of “maybe it’s still winter??? It is at least fall!” since the snow melted, and I find myself actually kind of missing the usual season.

So, we actually have two polls this time around, and the winner of each–one lucky dude and one lucky lady–are going to be the focus of their own summer vacation wallpapers. Now, this could easily become a swimsuit edition I guess, but I’m actually more interested in drawing scenes–what would this character do if they were on Earth and were given a week off during a typical summer climate and setting? Now’s your chance to see what characters would do if they weren’t on the clock and infiltrating Earth and Ith respectively. I’m leaving non-humans and characters with unclear or no genders off of the list this time around, though August’s poll should make up for that.


1) Only vote once. I delete all duplicate votes, so if you vote 50 times, that’s 50 votes I have to sit there and manually remove rather than making you new content.
2) The poll will end on Saturday June 20th at 11:59pm, so you only have a week and a day to do your thing.

And here are the polls:

[yop_poll id=”12″][yop_poll id=”13″]

Get votin’!