Hey readers! Just a quick, after-the-fact author’s note:

My friends are gaming for CHEO (Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario) with Extra Life this weekend. I wish I could participate, but we’re moving this weekend which makes staying up 24 hours kiiind of a terrible idea. I did donate to my best friend Josh, though, and now I’m posting a link to their team.

If you donate any amount to any of them, be sure to leave an encouraging public comment with your donation. Then come back here and, in the comments, let me know who you donated to, which comment is you, and then let me know which character you’d like me to do a nice sketch of! The character can be from this comic (I’d prefer that), but if you must, characters from games, tv, movies, comics, etc. are also on the table! CHEO is near and dear to my heart, so even though I can’t stay up all night playing games, I CAN make time to do some pretty sketches for anyone who helps them out. A lot of people have been liking and sharing their facebook statuses, but they’ve gotten almost no donations in comparison.

If you can’t donate, I implore you to at least share this tweet on your own twitter accounts to spread the word: