Hey everyone! First off, been very productive this week, here’s a chapter update:


I have 12 pages to ink starting this morning, and I hope to have as many ready to go as possible for December 1st. Patrons will start seeing these inked pages in advance starting some time later today.

Anyhow, it’s been a while, so I thought I’d remind people of some important things:

1) First off, we are always amazed when people make fanworks for our comic–we love that our story inspires you to speculate or put pencil to paper or to sketchbook, and we hope that that never stops happening. However, I need to make it clear that we can’t read any fanfics, scenarios or headcanons of yours, even if you send them to us, for legal reasons. The very nature of this comic is that we want you to ask questions and speculate about where the story is going, but that doesn’t mesh well with the webcomic model where you’re all reading one page at a time and interacting with us in real time. The issue is that we’ve planned the story way in advance, but a lot of it is up in the air or gets re-written or re-tooled on the fly–what we do is always changing until it shows up on an actual page, which means that if we read any fanfics, ideas for character interactions or scenarios you sent us on social media or by email, and your ideas are similar to what we have planned already, you are going to think that we stole your ideas, or took your suggestion without crediting you. We would never want to be in that position ourselves, so we’re not even going to give you the option of being in it on account of us. We love that you make fandom stuff, but we can’t read it. Sorry!

2) It has come to my attention that there are a few places on the web that link our now defunct NSFW art blog, which I recently closed because I didn’t have the time to maintain it and was still getting a constant influx of requests. That’s not a bad thing, but I’ve noticed that in lieu of not being able to send requests to it anymore, people have been finding other avenues to send me requests, like private messages, email and social media. The blog did kind of go silently into the night, so I don’t blame people for trying to find ways to keep it going because we never made a statement about it, but I do need to make a statement about it now:

We are not accepting requests for NSFW art here or anywhere else at this point in time. That’s not to say that we won’t ever, because once I get a payoneer account set up I will consider adding an NSFW tier to our patreon, but at this time, requests are closed. The point of having the NSFW blog was so that all that fun stuff was in one, manageable place that you had to really look for if you wanted it, but now that requests are finding me in other very public venues that are kind of inappropriate venues to be making them on, I’m calling attention to this so that no one is asking me for pornographic side-comics or art in places that I also interact with IRL friends and family who probably don’t want to see that on my facebook wall or twitter feed. It’s my art, and I have always maintained that because it is my time and effort going into it, I will only accept requests on the terms that I have personally set. Those terms used to be ‘only through the anonymous ask box on the NSFW tumblr blog,’ and now those rules are ‘please don’t unless I open them back up again.’ I really hope everyone respects that–I’m not mad at anyone who send me requests through email or other social media, but as soon as I establish that they are in fact requests for NSFW, I stop reading them and won’t fill them.

Anyhow, we’ll be back tomorrow with Sam!