The poll for November’s Patreon wallpapers has ended! So here’s the breakdown of how these results came to be:

  • I removed all joke nominees that didn’t contain a character from this comic. Highlights include a food item, the phrase ‘this isn’t a competition’,  a character that doesn’t exist (whoever Saki is shall forever remain a mystery)  and our most recent addition, ‘The Real Bojangles’. Those votes were subtracted from the total votes completely.
  • Everyone who voted multiple times got to keep their very first chronological vote unless it was a joke vote with no character. This is unfortunate because a lot of people who went on crazy consecutive voting sprees seemed to vote for one character, change their minds and then vote 5+ times on a completely different character, but because those votes weren’t the first, the one that they seemed to want more wasn’t the vote that counted.
  • The joke votes were funny, but the ones for multiple characters look like they hurt the chances of that particular character being on the winner art simply by dividing things up. To be fair, neither Sam nor Xia would have beaten pinup style Ethma even if we combined their votes, but that could count for something on future polls.

And now for our winners, which you probably scrolled past that top part to read, anyways:

NomineeLegit VotesDuplicate Votes
Pinup Ethma8517
Xia Posed as Gendo Ikari4515
Xia Posed like a French Girl3511
Sam Posed as M. Bison2572
Sam Eating a Lot43

Pinup Style Ethma is the winner! That’s not to say I might not do some of the other fun suggestions in my free time, but at the moment it is the only one that’s going to be a nice wallpaper for patrons, and a cool pinup for the rest of you.

The second wallpaper, as always, is authors’ choice. We haven’t decided what that’s going to be yet, but some of the suggestions on her sparked some ideas and we may pick one of them, we may not.

Anyhow, thanks for your participation! This went pretty well and we’ll likely be adopting this as a means of voting for wallpapers in the future!