Hey all, I’m working pretty hard right now to get pages done, so I’ll keep this brief. Instead of messing around for hours with the annoying chart plugin I used last time, I instead just edited the results directly to reflect all of the duplicate votes I removed, so I can just paste the poll results in here, complete with percents and nifty status bars.


Christmas wallpaper for all readers: Endi’s egg Having its First Christmas!

Reader’s Choice wallpaper for Patrons:¬†Xia on a WWII-era Soviet-style Ith Monoculture Propaganda Poster

Author’s (Cory!) Choice for Patrons:¬†Blaire (subject matter is a surprise!)

You can click below the cut to see the full results. The only legit result that isn’t on the final tally after i removed the duplicate posts was Cassi, who only had one vote, and was presumably added by someone who had already voted. In January we’ll be doing something different with the votes since we have a theme running for it. Details to follow when we post the new poll!

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