Our very first episode! In this episode we find out what Hlurcht taste like, talk about how both space and our inevitable dystopian future are terrifying, rant about how important representation is, recommend some videogames and make predictions about Snowpiercer. We also discuss several articles, games and tropes, so here are links to all of those things for your reading, watching and gaming pleasure:

For anyone who is wondering Port Au Prince is in Haiti, which is where Henri’s grandparents hail from on his mother’s side. We’ll probably eventually get better music (currently provided royalty free by Incompetech), but for this episode we were mostly focused on making sure Ran’s computer didn’t explode while recording. Also on our to-do list, a better microphone.
Hope you enjoyed the show! Our schedule is currently once a month minimum, though we’ll record more if we can. If you’d like to ask us a world building question about The End, or themes and tropes that are present in it, you can send us an email or leave us a one in the comments below this entry!