Hi! I often get emails asking me how fans can help us out! I haven’t had donation wallpapers up for a while, so generally my response it ‘by reading the comic and introducing it to people you think might enjoy it’. I will not lie, though, there are plenty of things that could really make working on a comic full time easier.

As always, if you’re rather just toss us a couple of bucks through paypal, you can click the donate button below. Current funds are going toward a monitor for my art PC that isn’t on the verge of death!

Okay! So, we have something that you can purchase! Watch this video for an explanation, and if you want one and want to help us out, click the Buy Now button below!

Ethma is compatible with ALL versions of windows. There are workarounds for using Shimeji on a MAC, but I would recommend getting a version of Shimeji working on your Mac BEFORE paying money for this! You can read more about Shimeji here.

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZodrevUAZ4Ethma Desktop Buddy!