Hey all! I’m partially making this news post so the Extra Life post gets bumped off the front page now that it’s over for this year (sketches coming soon!), but also to let you know that I’ve started using my twitch channel to stream whenever I’m colouring SFW stuff, and that includes comic pages.

I’ve got three videos up so far, and I’m starting a new batch of pages today, which should hopefully be ready to start colouring by….gonna say Thursday? I’ll let you know, but if you want an immediate alert to when I’m streaming, the easiest thing to do is follow me on twitch.

Anyhow, pasting in those three videos below–apologies in advance for all the audio issues, which range from ‘forgot to disable my computer’s internal speakers in xsplit so it sounds like I’m in an underground cavern’ to ‘fixed allof the other problems but it doesn’t matter because I was playing music on spotify so twitch removed all audio including when I was talking with no music playing, EXCEPT FOR QUEEN’S STONE COLD CRAZY for reasons that completely elude me.’

Sound should be fixed for future streams in that the lovely Jenn Lee from The Rising Sand introduced me to tabletopaudio.com, which is free to use as long as I’m not making money off streaming. So instead of dead silence with intermittent talking, people watching new videos and/or streams will be treated to neato sci-fi ambience and intermittent talking/question answering.

Edit: Some of these videos were driving you all nuts, and also they’ve all run their 14 day course before being deleted by twitch. You can see spend up, condensed versions of them all on my YouTube account!