Hey all, we are going to be taking a bit of a break. Originally, it was my intent to get the buffer going good enough to post comics seamlessly through to next year, but there’s a lot going on right now and I want to be transparent:

  • November/December plays host to like 8 family birthdays in our covid safety bubble. We’ve already made it through two of them (one of them was mine and my plans to celebrate by doing zero driving were thwarted by my nephew’s birthday that family decided to have at my inlaws’ cottage like an hour away) and it really just kills momentum for the whole week leading up to them.
  • Christmas is coming which means BB will be on break from school and will want to spend time with us, which, fair.
  • Just got a new kitten! He’s super needy and until he’s integrated with our other two cats, he’s making even typing this post ten times more complicated than it would otherwise be. Typing fingers apparently = time to wrassle!
  • Twitter, the main place I get most of our traffic and new readers from is currently in the process of imploding, and I don’t know what to do about that! People are throwing around talk of moving to like 5 different services as a substitute, but I have no idea which way the wind is gonna blow on that front and I don’t want to commit to like 6 new services and then have none of them be used by anyone a month down the road. I think that it might be for the best that I just try to see how this blows out and where people end up flocking to in the aftermath, but stressing over every bump in the road is going to be needlessly stressful in an already stressful time of year.
  • As of this morning, it is officially snowing and the school bus empty seat program is still cancelled because of driver shortages, so the time my commute walking to and from school to meet and walk home with BB is going to double, and am I ever not looking forward to that.

Basically I know my work schedule is going to be a wash for the next while, so I want to spend what time I can spend drawing until January rebuilding the buffer a little, and finishing up my DF comic (not sure I’m still posting it on twitter, also not sure where I could even post it as a substitute currently!)

I would love to come back first week in January with a bunch of stuff done that can keep me going strong in the new year, so with everything above going on, I’m making the call right now instead of trying to struggle through it for another couple weeks before finally throwing in the towel, anyways.

Cheers and see you in the new year!