Okay, lots of stuff today. First off, I apologize for the fact that we don’t have the wiki back up again. I also made some fun default avatars for those of you who do not have gravatars, however, the Hiveworks tech is mega busy and I’m going to have to wait more until it’s sorted out. That said, I had a productive week this week. Here’s what went down:

  • released the design for the free mini-print that all kickstarter backers will be getting.
  • finished two versions of a poster of Raine, two different colour sets.
  • Gave a preview of a panel from an upcoming page in this chapter.
  • Redesigned Henri and Blaire for late part 3 and did some very nice art of them at the same time. I’ll be doing Trish next.
  • And, of course, those adorable avatars that will soon (hopefully) be randomly assigned to all of you who don’t have gravatars!

Anyhow, enjoy the page! I’m going to go to sleeeep.