Hey all. Still busy on the home front–these last two weeks were really difficult. I got almost no work done and my buffer has suffered, so I’m taking the rest of this week to hopefully blitz through another 5 pages to see if I can get it back up there (and so I can panic less). My current buffer lasts until April 5th, and I’m trying to do book and reward stuff at the same time, so šŸ˜„

Anyhow, that aside, here’s some stuff I’ve been doing when I’m not ripping my hair out and panicking everywhere:

  • Drawn 4 ATCs for Hiveworks friends!
  • Made a discovery about the cast of this comic.
  • Posted a coloured panel from page 11 of this chapter.
  • Thumbnailed out the rest of this chapter (which should be 30 pages long), and all of the chapter after of it (which will be starring Henri and other characters who shall currently remain nameless).
  • Done some really important scripting with Cory for upcoming plot points.
  • Panicked a lot.Ā ComplainedĀ about drawing cars, even though I’m digging how they’re turning out.
  • Am working on getting the wiki up as I type this, though it probably won’t be ready to use for another few days.

Anyhow, Briar’s top two teeth are coming in so all of us are tired and miserable and oh god so tired, so I am going to attempt to sleep so that I can hopefully get the page I’m currently working on done tomorrow evening so I can get the next 4 prepped for inking. Enjoy!