Okay, just almost 10pm and this is done! Sorry for the wait!

SO. This was late because, barring any changes to schedule, the book goes to the printer Monday.  The way this was initially going to work was that I would upload all of my original PSD files to dropbox for Megan over at Namesake (who is also putting together books for Sister Claire and Go Get A Roomie which I recently did another guest comic for), and she would convert them to CMYK to preserve colours and generally make them look really nice. I upgraded my dropbox account, dumped my files in some folders for her and…a week later there were only half uploaded. Why was this taking so long? The original files for Roomie were about 5gb total. So I check my comic folder’s file size. 72.2gb. Oh. So essentially in a very short amount of time my plans went from ‘send it to Megan‘ to ‘do all of the things Megan was going to do before putting the PSD together for the printer myself‘. So basically I’ve been chained to my computer desk all week and running on two to four hours of sleep a night. I just finished up this page, and my plan is to crash as soon as I am done posting this so that I can get work done tomorrow without feeling like I am dying.

Anyhow, check out Book One’s cover!