hahaisuckHey all, feeling a bit better, and managed to get this coloured today. Thank you again for all the concern and well-wishes. Rest assured that I will not damage my health to get pages out, but that I will go crazy if I am not working on something and then somehow reconcile those two ideas and allow them to exist in tandem. My head is mega congested, still, so after a couple hours of attempting to work in my chair, I rigged up this solution to the right, haha. When we moved into this house five years ago, my father in law dropped this fan off and said he’d be back to install it over the next week. It was still sitting in the exact place he put it, and was the perfect height for an impromptu standing desk.

It worked pretty great but now one of my hips feels all janky from standing too long, haha. I’ll probably set it up tomorrow morning, and, if I can, I’ll colour another full page and post it before the end of the day on Friday or early Saturday morning.

Anyhow, still amazingly sick despite the fact that Briar has gotten past it, and Cory managed to just not catch it at all–I was relating this to a friend and her response was ‘What? But his immune system is the worst of everyone I know!’ and then we decided that witchcraft is pretty much the only explanation.

Lastly, I am going to brag about a small victory and segue into a plea for help and understanding.

So, a few months back we changed our internet package, and Rogers required that we switch to a brand new, fancy all in one modem/router that could handle the higher speed. Great! Except that, after a couple days of using it, it would cut out and refuse to come back on every time we used the xbox 360. We got a replacement modem, same issue. I eventually bought a better router, called Rogers and made them switch our router/modem to bridge mode only so we could use our own router. Still the same problem.  Eventually we gave up on letting the xbox access the internet at all, removed it from the network, added a new access key and then deleted all the connection info on the machine.

Any yet…every time we turn on the xbox, even though it isn’t part of the network, it would attempt to join our network anyways and knock out the internet again. It has caused me no small amount of rage, and Rogers tech support has been confused and unhelpful.

Today I found a solution! I plugged an ethernet cable attached to NOTHING in to the back of the router, and now it totally thinks it is in wired mode instead of wireless mode and doesn’t knock out the internet anymore!

The bad news is that I would some day like to get the latest addons for borderlands 2 and play them, and also play games online and get system updates again. Keeping in mind that we had our old network attached wirelessly to the 360 for five years with zero issues, and that Rogers doesn’t have a modem-only option for us, does anyone know how to solve this stupid, stupid, rage-inducing tech puzzle?