And chapter over! Brownie points two whoever figures out what’s up first, haha!

Okay, so, small/large announcement–starting this Friday, all the way up until New Years, we’ll be posting some special content comics called Home For The Holidays. It’s a series of one-page comics and illustrations in a faux-watercolour style, featuring the main Earth cast on their last holiday season back on Earth before all this craziness happened. There will also be a special page posted on the day of New Years Eve that answers something that people were speculating about a lot, so look forward to that!

I’m doing this for a few reasons, the first being that the style I’m colouring these special comics in is way less intensive and time consuming than regular pages, which means that I can relax a little for the holidays and spend some quality family time. I’ve already got three done, and I intend to get the rest of them done by the end of next week so I can focus on having a few nice buffer pages for the next chapter by the time pages start posting regularly again. Another reason is that I want to lend a little context to what life was like for these characters before they were abducted, introduce some of their family situations and give you that nice, nice present on New Years.

Chapter 13, when it returns, will take place back on Axca! It’ll be a much shorter chapter than this one was, and will focus on how everyone is settling in to life in space now that they’re flipping out a little less, and what they plan to do in regards to their abducted crew-mates!

Anyhow, I’m posting this in advance on Monday morning, and I’m going to upload the first three special updates right now, so see you all Friday!