Hey there! Progress time!

So, first off, the book! This week so far I’ve only got six pages of bonus content total done. I have four more almost done (they just need a bit of re-wording and editing on Cory’s part, which will happen tonight when he gets home from work and the kidlet is asleep). Everything should for that much faster now, though, because four of those pages are brand new, full page art (so, if we include them in my “page count” for the week, I’ll technically have made 6 pages in a week, which is crazy and also super cool), and everything after that will require much smaller new art, or older art that I’ve already made. I’ve got my fingers crossed, but I’m going to say that I should be done this weekend. I’ll keep you posted.


As for pages, I actually managed to sketch, ink and flat two more on Tuesday, and after I finished all I could of bonus pages today, I have the first of the two almost completely coloured. If I can finish the book by the end of the weekend and send it off to Meg to be formatted properly, I should be back to at least three pages per week for the next week, if not four, which I’m tempted to try.

Anyhow, gotta get some sleep! Enjoy today’s page!