Good evening! So, today is May 2nd! As of Sunday, this comic will be 4 years old, which is nuts. I thought of doing something special for it, but instead decided that I was going to have the entire rest of Chapter 14, which is just starting today, completely drawn and inked by the end of the weekend. While it may take me a bit longer than that, I’ve actually got all but the last three out of the final 12 pages drawn, which I plan to continue working on as soon as I’m done typing up this author’s note. This chapter totals 31 pages if I include this title page in the count, and I am baffled by how far into it I currently am.

Thanks for sticking with us these past 4 years, and I hope that you’ll stick with us for the rest of the story!


This week on Patreon marks our first month’s end! To celebrate, I decided to abandon the Patreon file system and just run everything out of Drop Box. We now have a perpetually updating folder of completely inked chapter 14 pages that I’ll toss in more pages as we get them done. If you want to become a member for $1/month or more, you will immediately gain access to all of the cool goodies and previews I’ve already posted, as well as May 2014’s wallpaper folder, featuring three new wallpapers–two of Ethma, as voted on by you, and one of Sam and Max Dressed up like a 1930’s mobster and Chicago police officer respectively. Here are some previews:


Other things we plan on adding/doing this month include a special interactive thing that will get you some quick bonus comics, the chapter 12 cover as a colour wallpaper and possibly the cover of Chapter 15 as well, depending on how fast I manage to colour the rest of chapter 14. We’ll also be opening up votes for June’s wallpaper soon, and everyone will get a say in who will be featured on it.

Anyhow, thanks again for your support! I hope you all enjoy chapter 14!