Good morning! Not a lot to talk about today–I’ll be spending the entire day flatting 21 pages, and then spending as much of May as I need to colour the rest of this chapter. I spent a lot of time yesterday helping a friend build their soon to launch comic’s website (I’ll link as soon as it’s up!), as well as colouring the chapter covers for Chapters 12 and 11! I also made them into wallpaper sets, and you can click here to get the download link! Here are some previews, though I guess you could just go to the pages in the archives to look at them, too, haha:


Other than that, if you are a patron, the entirety of chapter 14 is available for advance viewing here! Remember that these are inked pages only, so no word balloons, no text, no colour, and most importantly, no context! It MIGHT be spoilery, but only if you can figure out what’s being said somehow, hahah.

Anyhow, good luck to all my friends currently at TCAF! Wish I could be there, but it’ll have to wait until next year. 🙁