Hey all! Mega busy this week working on Valor stuff. You can see the cover over on Patreon, and we’ve also made the September Patron Exclusive Wallpapers available! Here’s a preview of each:


We’re also doing something super neat with our monthly Patreon wallpapers; this time, there will be THREE wallpapers, and the character with the most votes will be for a special Hallowe’en wallpaper that all readers of The End will get! You do not need to be donating to us to leave a vote comment! It is as simple as signing into Patreon with your facebook account if you don’t want to just make a regular account. For more details, click this fancy picture that’ll take you to the vote page:


And last but not least, this page went up and I felt the biggest rush of relief, and here is why:

Way back, we did a character donation drive that a lot of you awesome people donated to. The winning characters would get bonus chapters dedicated to their individual back stories that, at the time, we didn’t feel were super relevant to the plot but would have been a fun read regardless. The issue was that once the drive was over and the dust cleared, we sat down and hashed out the details of each of the nominated characters’ backgrounds and when we were done, we realized that their backgrounds were more important to the plot than we initially realized and very suddenly it felt like telling them as unimportant, separate stories would be doing them a really big disservice.

So we found places to fit them in to the story at a pace and placement that we think meshes with the format the comic has taken so far, added them to our master timeline and then basically had to sit on our hands until we reached the points in the story where telling their stories would fit. For Raine and Noh (and also Lon, haha), that time is NOW. Both Ethma and Cassi, the other two characters for the donation drive, will have their turn, but in places that make sense and make the main story better instead of shoving them off to the side.

So if it felt like we forgot about how awesome you all were, or how much you chipped in, or like we were never going to deliver, I’m really sorry–this was a HUGE source of anxiety for us because w KNEW we were eventually going to get to them, but we wanted to make sure they were done right and we didn’t want to sit here wringing our hands and making excuses because the only way to get to these was to just keep drawing more comics until the time was right. We really hope you enjoy the pages that follow this one as much as we enjoyed planning for, writing and drawing them.  Again, thank you so much for your support!