Hi, folks! Did you all enjoy Canadian Eat-Way-Too-Much-Day? We enjoyed it, but we ate way too much. Also it kind of turned into three days. Staying in touch with extended family on both sides tends to have that effect. It’s hard to complain about a long weekend full of roast turkey and pumpkin pie, though.

We’re slowly but surely sending out all of the Kickstarter rewards. If you’re waiting on one, it shouldn’t be too much longer before yours arrives. After all the hiccups involved in getting published to begin with, it’s a huge relief to finally see the books going out to their owners. Whew! Now, we just need to concentrate on making sure we get everything done for Valor (there’s been a slight deadline extension, which should help), building up a good buffer again (today’s is the last page we had ready), and ensuring that all of the Kickstarter rewards actually get where they’re supposed to go after crossing national borders and passing through multiple postal services. Whew.

See you on Friday with another page!