So, STILL moving. The plan was to have everything done by tonight but we’re both sick (booo), winter is officially her in all of its freezing-ass glory and apparently we have too much stuff??? On top of this we’re trying our best to get the books shipped out. Another batch is going out tomorrow at around 1pm, which is great.

Anyhow, I’ll post up a news post later today¬†with a new poll and where Patrons can find the December Wallpapers, along with previews the two of them. ¬†The public Christmas Wallpaper will be available to everyone next week, which brings me to an unfortunate announcement:

We’ll be taking the rest of the month off as of today! We’ll be posting up wallpapers and worldbulding stuff and art on regular update days until the new year. The reason for this is that our move has taken an unreasonably long time, and Christmas will be doing the same, which is unfortunate because it has kept me from finishing this chapter AND from starting the next. I only have 3 pages left, so no bug deal there, but I want to save them for January so I can build up a bit of a buffer again for when 2015 starts. You guys have been awesome this year–whatever Holidays you celebrate, I hope they’re wonderful!