Hey all, there was no author’s note last week because, long story short, I have a new computer for working on comics and spent most of Monday night setting it up. Still working out the kinks and getting my work space in order, but things are, as far as I can tell, working as expected. I’ll be colouring three pages this weekend and possibly streaming them, and we’ll also (fingers crossed) be recording another podcast. Here’s the status bar:


And last but not least, the poll for next month’s wallpapers/art. The theme is ‘characters who have never won and been in a solo wallpaper as a result before’, so the poll options are set and all of your repeatedly winning favourites are out of the running this week. You have until the 21st to vote, and like last time, the results will be hidden until I release them because it saved me from doing 2 extra hours of work removing duplicate votes!

[yop_poll id=”7″]