Hey all, here’s the results from the poll:

[yop_poll id=”7″]

Honestly, super surprised with the results. Since they both sound fun, I’ll be doing both of them instead of an author’s choice for the second.

Anyhow, this last week was bananas. Between our furnace breaking and a bunch of other random junk that happened, I’m just catching up now. I’ll be adding this page and the two after it to the buffer folder for patrons tomorrow, and then I’ll be getting to work on those wallpapers. Once those are out of the way, the plan is to get back on the ‘churn out massive buffer’ horse now that I have my new work computer completely set up. I’m also going to sort out my streaming options and probably stream when I colour pages from here on out, so I’ll let people know whenever that’s happening on twitter. Seeya Friday!