Hey all! Was super busy this past week and weekend. We went to a local, one-day charity craft show for nerds on Saturday which was really fun and raised a ;pile of money and canned foods for our local food cupboard. To those of you who dropped in at our table to say hi, it was super awesome to meet you! Anyhow, even though we’re a little bit behind now as a result, we actually took a lot of notes and got a lot of neat ideas while we were there. The first of those ideas will come into fruition this Friday and has to do with the poll for May.

Speaking of polls, here’s the results for this month’s!

[yop_poll id=”8″]

The winner is Kait by a really big margin, and there were only two cheat votes for me to delete, which is amazing, haha. Not 100% sure what I’m going to draw considering it’s going to fit with a spring theme, but I’m sure I’ll come up with something nice.

Anyhow, expect a full report of stuff we’ve got in the works on Friday!