Hey all! The results to this poll so far are interesting. A specific character has a very clear lead, but what they’ll be doing is almost in a five way tie by one or two votes, so it could really be anything at this point. Anyhow, progress:


That number didn’t quite jump enough between the last version of it and this one, because we wrote in an extra four pages, bringing the chapter up to 32¬†+ the cover total. ¬†This means that this chapter will wrap up on May 22nd, which will complete the content of book two! Book 3 will start on May 26th the following Tuesday, with no breaks in between…for now. I have 2 dental surgeries coming up in May/June and have nooo idea how long they’ll keep me away from my desk for. I’ll let you know when I know, and hopefully I’ll have a good enough buffer by then to cover it.

Anyhow, on Friday, April’s wallpapers will be going up for Patrons! I’ll post a nice version of the art you voted on up here (non-wallpaper), but if you want a preview of both wallpapers, you can see them here. The new Kait wallpaper I did after abandoning my initial design is so much better than the first one, though I might still tweak it a little before it goes up.

Anyhow, polls! Keep voting!

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