Whew. So, got a LOT done this weekend. Like, the rest of this chapter:

So if you actually want to read the rest of this chapter now, it’s available for $5/month patrons in its entirety. And now that that’s done, allow me to introduce you to our new progress bar:


Aside from that, I finished both of May’s wallpapers, and I’ll have versions of the art that you voted on up with Tuesday’s update. I also finished the Book 3 cover, which you can see here, planned out the next chapter with Cory (it is going to be so much fun to draw!) and today I will be thumbnailing the entire thing and starting in on the cover.  I should have a full page count, and I’m actually really happy with how timing has gone, because I have until May 22nd to just go crazy getting pages done.

That said, it is Monday night and I am exhausted and it is time for being unconscious. Enjoy today’s page, see you Friday!