Hey all! This past week has been kind of ass. We picked up a flu bug from some relatives, and while it seems to have finally departed for me, Cory is still a miserable pile of soup and tissues that occasionally uncontrollably coughs or make miserable grumbly noises, so I will keep this short–I think part of what’s got me over this as quickly as it did was how much sleep I’m getting, and I’d like to continue that trend until everyone is free of this.

The poll results are in. For the men’s poll the winner was Lon (there were only 3 duplicate votes!), and for the women’s there was a tie that I was actually sort of hoping would be broken by means of deleting a duplicate vote or two, but there were only two duplicate votes and they weren’t for either of the tied characters somehow! This means that Noh and Raine are going to share a wallpaper! I’ll also be tempted to add in a few other characters for each wallpaper depending on how much time I have to do that.

Anyhow, here’s what’s been done this past week. I’m working pretty hard to get back on track, so if you wanna follow my twitter to get updates on that, that is a thing you can do.