And we are back with Sam! I’m currently having a lot of fun with this scene, which I am just finishing up colouring. Here’s what chapter progress is looking like:

I’m hoping to get this past page done today so I can get a fresh batch of pages on the go as soon as I wake up on Saturday. Aside from that, I can’t say enough about how awesome the discussion in the comments has been for the last few pages. As always, we love to generate discussion and speculation, and while it is tempting, we try not to jump in and spoil anything about the future of this comic or upcoming plot points. That said, if you could ask any character(s) a personal question, I invite you to ask in the comments of today’s page. Just make it clear which character you want to answer which question, and keep in mind that we will be responding in small, fun comics where the characters can answer directly. You can ask anything–what characters think of other characters, if they have any romantic interests, what they miss about Earth, what they think about specific aspects of their lives in space or wherever they are currently located.

I can’t promise that the question you ask will get a direct or honest answer because we’re going to try and keep this in character–if the question is something that the requested character would be mortified to answer, or would find offensive, they will respond accordingly in context. We can promise, however, that we’ll try and keep it interesting even if you don’t get a direct answer. Try to avoid multi-part questions, though, I’d like to keep these a decent length and maybe do a couple a page. Thanks again, all!