Hey, awesome people!

My intent this week was to dive into the last batch of pages for this chapter,but instead I took a quick break to complete ALL of those pretty wallpapers I showed you a preview of, so that when October gets here I can focus on starting the next chapter rather than rushing it complete wallpapers on top of pages. I’m starting the new batch of pages today, though, so no worries; my current buffer doesn’t run out until the 22nd this month, which gives me plenty of time to get the last 7 pages done and start on the next chapter.

And with that, keep on voting! To remind you what you’re voting for, behold these previews! Patrons will be getting all 6 of these wallpapers, and the lady and dude with the most votes on the below poll will be given to patrons AND everyone else.


And last but not least, please vote for us on TWC! Also, a reminder that you can get September’s wallpapers now.