Hey all, just giving you a bit of a head’s up. Since my grandpa died earlier this year, I’ve essentially been working around the clock to get things done and play catch up. Right when I thought I’d gotten there, Cory’s parents took off to Florida for an indeterminate amount of time to renovate their vacation home, leaving me without a babysitter for the two days a week that I get the most work done. On top of that, our washing machine broke which means we’ve spent a stupid amount of time ferrying laundry back and forth between our place and Cory’s parents’ place, which has eaten up quite a bit of the time I’d normally spend working in the evenings.

I’ve burned out before, though admittedly not with this project, and while I’m not quite at that point yet, I’d like to make sure I don’t get there, period. I currently have three wallpapers and the cover for the next chapter in various stages of almost done, but I’ve been very unhappy with how the thumbnails have been going for the next chapter, which is an extremely important chapter and needs to be done right. I’m going to redo them for a third and final time this week, but that means that now this chapter is over, I won’t have an actual comic update for you next Tuesday.

I pretty much never take vacations–any vacations I’ve taken in the past five years or so have either been “vacations” that I work through or have been because of family members’ hospital stays. I’m not taking a vacation now, since I’m definitely still working even if it’s a little more slowly than I’m used to, but I am taking the next two weeks to hopefully get as far into the next chapter as I possibly can. I will have some teaser features for all of you for at least three of the next regular update days, and Patrons will get to see pages as I make them, but I’m stepping back briefly, especially from social media, to get things done the way they need to be done in a way that keeps me from going nuts.

Thanks for being so awesome and patient over the years! Wish me luck on my third pass at these freaking thumbnails.