Hey all! Very productive week so far–I just finished inking all 6 Hallowe’en wallpapers, and I’m going to start in on colouring them today when I wake up. I also have the rest of this batch done, so if you want to read updates for all the way up to October 11th, you can totally do that. I’m planning to have all the wallpapers done by the end of the week, so some in-progress previews of them will probably be up on patreon soon-ish. I also need to start the next batch of pages by Saturday, so that should be fun.

I also decided that this year I’m going to make another go at Inktober. Gonna be using real paper, real ink and probably some real markers. I’ll be posting them up on my twitter as I go, and possibly selling the originals if they turn out nice, so keep an eye out for that.

Anyhow, just finished watching the US Presidential debates and I am exhausted! Enjoy the page!