Hey all, I have a bit of a not good announcement. We were supposed to be updating again on Friday, and the page is already queued up, but I’m going to be changing its air date as soon as I’m done typing this.

I’m very behind on the next batch, and in normal circumstances, it wouldn’t be a big deal to power through them and made sure we had more for the next week. However, we’re having a few issues with the kiddo and school that have resulted in one or more meetings with teachers this week on top of a very important doctor’s appointment for myself. Add that to the fact that all three of us are currently sick and the result is going to be rushed, half assed pages. I’d really prefer to whole ass them, especially since this is a very important chapter, so for this week and next week at least, we’ll be dropping down to one update a week while we try and sort this mess out and recover.

I’ll let you all know next Monday if the one-update-per-week schedule will be extended beyond that and for how long. Thanks for your patience!