Hey all! Sorry for being MIA on Friday–I had a wicked fever and went to sleep at 5pm Friday night and didn’t wake up until around 2pm the next day. I spent most of the weekend sick and the rest of the weekend doing errands/getting stuff done that I was behind on thanks to being sick.

This week there will only be one update unless by some miracle do I have one ready to go out on Friday. This upcoming scene is delicate and I don’t want to mess it up, so I’m second guessing everything I’m doing–I thought I had how I wanted these pages to look down, and then my fixed thumbnail post-its vanished and until yesterday, none of my attempts to redo them were even slightly satisfactory. The good news is that I finally managed to get over whatever creative block was keeping me, and I redid those basic roughs, as well as another 4 pages on top of them. I’m going to spend the rest of today roughing them out and sketching them, and my hope is to be inking them by Wednesday.

If one good thing came out of all of this, it’s that I tried to get back in the swing of things by doing some quick wintery doodles, and those doodles will likely end up as winter/holiday wallpapers, some of which will be fore the public!

Anyhow, like I said, I’m not holding my breath on getting a page done on time for Friday since I have to go get some blood tests on Thursday, which will likely eat up my entire afternoon. I guess I’ll slide it in here, because why the heck not, but I have an official diagnosis and am two weeks on Testosterone! It’s pretty cool, except for the part where giving yourself needles is very difficult, wow.

Anyhow, again, we’re looking for any questions you might have about various design choices we’ve made in this comic for a video! If you’ve ever wondered ‘why does this thing look like this’ or ‘why did you dress this character like this,’ please do ask! And with that, we’ll see you next update. Cheers!