Sooooooo this is a page I’ve been waiting for for quite a while, and I hope you enjoy it and every page that comes after it until pretty much the end of this chapter. Speaking of the end of this chapter, I definitely finished thumbnailing it today, and while I tweeted earlier that it was gonna be eight pages, I actually managed to knock it down to seven while I was doing the formal panels. Today my day will consist of photographing and inserting my thumbnail panels into each page before I begin to actually sketch them out. I would love to have the entire seven pages sketched and inked by Friday so that I can get right to colouring them, but I seem to be perpetually wrong in both directions about how likely I am to get things done by specific dates, so I’m not going to promise it will happen.

Anyhow, today I finished up the NSFW illustration of the month for patrons (see below!), and also, if you’re interested, I started a blog documenting my transition timeline. It’s not going to update a million times a week, but it is a place for me to post updates on how much my voice is changing and other junk. Anyhow, we’ll see you Friday!