Hello! This is Cory.

Well, after a week or so of abject, wretched, mucous-ridden suffering, we’re finally starting to get all caught up on life in general. We’ve got a buffer of comic pages queued up, we’ve got a house that is now slightly less overrun with harmless but impossibly irritating beetles, and we’re even starting to develop something resembling a sane sleep schedule again.

I can’t wait for the kid to bring her next Kindergarten plague home and wonk everything up again!

August is working on a horrible and beautiful thing: a wallpaper depicting a lovingly rendered image of Sally, Wanda, and Maria Marvels hanging out together in front of a glorious statue of St. Andre of the Perfect Crust. I have examined it at length and I’m not sure I have the words to describe it, but I’m sure you folks will be able to come up with all sorts of colourful words when he finishes it and puts it in front of your disbelieving eyeballs.

He just told me that he’s “seriously considering” drawing up designs for all of the other characters mentioned in this alt-text adventure – the nameless narrator, the Board, Karl Grand, Lance Deeply, et al – and using them to do bonus drawings for his Patreon. I forward this information to you without further comment.