Hey all! We updated today instead of back on Tuesday because our log weekend was plagued with power outages that made doing literally anything impossible. I’ll be continuing that trend until I catch up on the time we lost and have a few pages in the can.

Anyhow, I hate to ask, but I’m having a bit of a medical expenses related problem. I’ve explained exactly what’s going on in more detail over on YouCaring, but the short of it is that my “government funded” top surgery doesn’t actually cover the cost of the basic surgery and now I need to scrounge up $1500 by the end of August and another $1500 by the date of my surgery, which is happening on November 7th (two days after my birthday!). If you could chip in even just $5 to $20, that would go a long way to making sure I can afford to do this without neglecting other bills or living off of nothing but rice and frozen corn. Even if you can’t contribute, I’d be grateful if you could share my campaign!

You can find it here!

Anyhow, we will see you next week! Thanks to everyone who has already shared or contributed, I’m already much less stressed about being able to pull this much together in time!