Hey all! Let me first start off with an apology–that was a break that we absolutely did not intend to take. A lot of little things piled up and all happened at once, and the result was that Cory was out of commission for writing and we were juggling a lot of unexpected issues on top of that that left us feeling pretty burned out. On top of that, we made a pretty big change to the overall plot that inadvertently changed a large chunk of the rest of this chapter, including pages that I was already working on, which was stressful, a nightmare and also solved so thank christ for that. Let’s never speak of it again.

Anyhow, in the time that we weren’t posting pages, I managed to finish this page, as well as the next two pages which I have script for. I will be lettering and posting both of them early for patrons sometime later today.

The other good news is that we’re returning to our regular schedule of twice a week! Those two pages I was just talking about will go up next week, and the reason this is possible is because I have the next five pages after those two drawn, and two of them are already inked. Depending on what time you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that number has gone up be a couple or maybe all, and who knows–I could be prepping them all for colours right now!

As always, I am unable to properly thank you all for your patience. It’s been a pretty integral part of getting me back into an actual working schedule, and I would probably still be struggling to get a single page out and stressing myself to death without that unexpected break. If you’re still here, thanks for sticking around. We will see you on Tuesday!