Welcome back for another Friday update! Things are running really smoothly on my end right now–still have a bit of Covid brain fog going on but it’s a lot better than it was even a week ago. I also still have a bit of a cough which I am told will probably last a couple more weeks. I’m less enthusiastic about that because unlike the brain fog, you can’t really manage your lungs attempting to exit your body at high speeds with a bullet journal. If you are also dealing with Covid brain fog, I cannot recommend bullet journaling enough–it’s like having a brain outside of your body that your thoughts can’t immediately escape from. I’m also finding that the grid-paper Moleskine journal I’m using for it is actually fantastic for making progress grids for various stages and tasks related to making comics, and being able to fill in different stages of completeness with different colours of highlighters hits me in the exact dopamine part of the brain that ‘numbers go up’ casual games like cookie clicker do, only the results are productive instead of time-wasting.

I’m currently in the colouring phase of another batch of pages, which I thought I’d be done by today (the day you are reading this) but based on where I’m at today (the day I am typing this, technically yesterday), I’m going to have to break my policy of not working on weekends to finish this batch up, which I’m not super upset about because I’m having a blast just being able to do this again. That should shore my buffer up until July 1st, and I’ll be able to spend the next 2 weeks guilt free working on e-book stuff before I start another batch of pages onĀ  May 30th.

Outside of those two things, I have a laundry list of things I want and need to get done, including switching over from wordpress to Hiveworks’ proprietary Comics CMS and slapping a fresh coat of paint on everything right at the top of it. Not sure what the time line will be for that, but it’ll be a while since there are limited techs to help me with that and a waiting list. This is more to remind me than anything else.

Aaaanyhow, again, it’s great to be back, and we will see you next Friday!