Hey all! If you missed last week’s page because the website was down, you might be confused about what is happening on this page unless you go back and read last week’s first. I’m currently finishing up the batch that today’s page is a part of–I just have lettering for the next 4 weeks pages, and then I can get started on the next batch.

Just giving you a head’s up that at minimum, I’ll be taking the month of August off (I’ll still be making comics on and off, just not posting unless I have a buffer) because that month is crazy with birthdays and back to school prep. Ideally I’ll have enough buffer to cover the entire summer before it even happens (this batch will take me up to June 9th, so I’ll need to finish another eleven pages after that to get us through to the end of August), but I don’t want to make any promises, just in case I don’t. Anything I do during August is going to be banked for September so that we can deal with Ye Olde Back To School rush/confusion/settling in that takes way longer than I think it will every single year.

Anyhow, cheers, see you next week!

EDIT: Went to sketch the next batch of pages and looked back to this one to check if Henri left this scene wearing his gloved and discovered that his jacket had magically teleported away after he just put it on, oops! It’s fixed now, though!