WordPress had a bit of a hiccup at around midnight when this should have been posted, so it’s up now. Can’t say I’ve ever seen a ‘missed scheduled update’ tag on a post before, but here we are. Next batch of pages is done except for lettering, because Cory’s doing some last minute rewording this weekend, but otherwise I’ve already gotten started on the next scene, which I am extending by one page and thus bumping the chapter page count up to a total of 51. I’m a little behind of where I wanted to be schedule-wise thanks to the wildfire smoke making everything awful for the first half of this week. Between that and the siren call of Tears of the Kingdom, it’s almost a blessing that something weird is going on with the console versions of the new No man’s Sky update and expedition. For now I’m going to focus on getting as many roughs for the next batch done as possible so that on Monday I can jump into sketching and inking with no immediate obstacles or distractions! Cheers and see you next week!