Guess who passed a kidney stone and then was immediately besieged by an infernal plague that the rest of the household was battling? You don’t actually need to guess, it was me and I am still fucking wiped. I can finally breathe through my nose again, but my sinuses are still acting up in other ways so I’ve been riding the bus from Sinus Headache Blvd. to Migraine City near daily for the past few days. Cory is still coughing his lungs up, but we all seem to be slowly on the mend.

I am currently queueing up the next 4 weeks of pages, if you include today’s. After that there’s one more scene in the chapter that I’ll be starting work on next week–the next two months are always bonkers because everyone has birthdays and then Christmas and a few other things we have going on, so while I am hoping I’ll have this chapter done by the end of the year, the scene is a bit longer and I don’t want to make any promises. I’d start tomorrow, but it’s a PD day for the kiddo and I have promised to spend a large chunk of the day hunting shiny pokemon with her. It’s also my birthday on Sunday, so I intend to ring in turning 29 by ordering some takeout and spend the evening doing aaaaabsolutely nothing (playing Dave the Diver on switch counts as nothing, don’t question it!). See you all next week, a year older, and negative years wiser.