Hey all, have had a super productive week so far. Cory is still job hunting, so I am working my hardest to get ahead and put things on patreon that people might be into. If you were considering checking our patreon out, remember that it’s basically pay what you want–all tiers get access to everything, and you get to determine what that’s worth by selecting whatever tier you like!

Here’s a round up of everything I’ve added in the last week:

Next week I’ll be posting a about our storyboarding/scripting process, some info on my current quest to remaster old pages, previews of future ebook covers + wallpapers for each of them and depending on how far I get with the first official batches of pages in the next chapter, some looks at rough pages for that as I get to ’em.

Anyhow, thanks so much for your support, and thanks for reading! See you next week.