There seems to be a little confusing regarding Bart’s parenting skills that I want to clear up–Bart isn’t a bad parent. His reaction was based events and conversations over the past 4 or so weeks, much of which will be talked about in this chapter and the next. I don’t want to spoil any of it, and I don’t want to spoonfeed you information in these author’s notes when I can simply just let the story play out and allow you to develop conclusions of your own as we go.

I do, however, want to remind readers that the way characters react or think or what they believe in is not in any way a reflection of how Cory or I react or think, or what we believe in. We’re writing flawed characters because real people are flawed, and we’re trying to explore how a real person might actually react to being in such a fantastic and impossible situation. Every human in the ‘crew’ will react differently, and not all reactions will be healthy or conducive to problem solving or family functionality.

Aaanyhow, on a lighter topic, I’m really looking forward to the new fall line-up. You know, on TV. Lots of weird new shows coming up that I’ll be checking out, because I almost need to be watching something while I’m working on comics or I can’t concentrate. Lots of new things to see, and a lot of older shows returning. Very exciting!