Aaand we are back. Sorry about that unexpected break in pages–the unfortunate part about being the webcomic’s artist is that Cory can’t do my job if I am unable to. After my slightly optimistic author’s note last update, I was pretty much bed-ridden for the last two weeks (the only really good thing to come out of that was that I’m most of the way through A Song of Ice and Fire–currently over half way in to A Feast for Crows–when I had previously been about ten pages into A Game of Thrones prior to being so sick).

The first trimester is officially over. For the past two days, I have actually been feeling mostly okay, and so I spent those two days getting today’s page done, and Friday’s inked. I’m going to do as much as I possibly can this week. There will definitely be another update on Friday, and if my good health persists (because I’m right at the point where morning sickness that lasts all freaking day should be easing up), next week there will be three pages, because we’ve definitely passed the next donation goal. I’ve also got about three people to email to ask for details about who/what they want sketched and mailing addresses! I’ll get all of that sorted out and updated on the site tomorrow morning before my ultrasound & doctors appointment, and I will also have some updated photos of sketches I owe and should be mailing out asap, as soon as I can get out and grab some envelopes (also hopefully tomorrow before my ultrasound).

Anyhow, for now, I am going to try and answer a few questions on the previous page and make some assurances before this page goes live, and then I am going to pass the hell out. Night!