So essentially I’m going to stick with the ‘whenever a page is ready’ schedule for the next indeterminable amount of time. I was feeling pretty great last week, until about Wednesday night, at which point I had to have a bit of a lie-down that lasted until Monday morning. :S

Anyhow, last week, you’ll note that the site was down for most of Tuesday, and that was because something broke and I had to re-install wordpress and restore everything. If you notice things missing or not working, that’s why. I can, however, assure you that the comic itself is all here and accounted for. I also made another unfortunate discovery Tuesday, in where I was forced to make the wiki read-only; a number of spam accounts (about 40) had invaded, and I didn’t feel that anyone checking out the wiki as it grows (and it is growing, Cory’s been adding stuff at least once a day, even if they’re small edits) would want to view any of the ‘cheap pharmaceuticals’ or ‘anal fisting porn’ ads that spammers had inserted into articles and made pages for. After several hours of banning and deleting all accounts that weren’t Cory, Josh or myself, deleting pages that were spam ads, and them combing through legit pages and rolling back creepy changes, the wiki is clean. But…

…if you had a legit account there, it is now gone, and for that I am sorry. To make it up to you, we’ll be fleshing it out as much as possible and adding new info on alien races as they are introduced. Sorry, again. >_<

Anyhow, it’s 11:11pm! I’m going to sleep so I can (hopefully) get some work done tomorrow. Night!

PS~ We are really loving the discussion and speculation happening in the comments. <3