Hey all! You are immediately noticing that this isn’t the next page! We have to do some last minute re-writes on two pages that are already done and waiting to be lettered, and the intention was to do them this past weekend, but because it was my birthday, we decided to just get them done tonight and update twice this week. It was a really good plan, until I got a call from the hospital this afternoon informing me that my surgery is in fact tomorrow in the early AM rather than Thursday. Soooo, most of my plans for this week immediately went out the window.

Anyhow, to make up for how crappy (but also good) this turn of events is, we’ve decided to post the declassified versions of Max’s files from the E.S.I. You can see the old classified files starting here, and the heavily redacted version of this page specifically here. The declassified versions also have fun notes from Max, Sam and other E.S.I. members who have been mentioned in earlier chapters, so I hope you enjoy them, because I had a lot of fun re-making all of these from the super bad old versions we previously made waaaaaay back, many years ago.

New pages will hopefully resume as soon as these run out–there are 11 of them and we’ll be posting them twice a week until we run out. If there are any complications with my recovery and that needs to change, Cory will let you all know. He’ll also be taking over the author’s notes for every page from here on out. We will also move these entries to somewhere else in the archives when we start back up so as to not disrupt the flow of reading the latest chapter.