So this is up a bit later than I expected for reason’s that I’ll get in to on Tuesday when chapter 13 starts! There’s no Alt Text/Hover Text/Title Text today because there wasn’t really anything we could think of, and also it would possibly undermine any foreshadowing that may or may not be happening on this very (gigantic) page. Apologies for the text size–for some reason my default text settings I use for the comic wigged out with this particular comic page and were unreadably small, so I made a few cursory guesses and this was as sane as they seemed to want to look.

While the Ith obviously do not celebrate Christmas, they do celebrate a lot of Harvest related holidays that follow the life cycles of the giant mushroom crop. The Bloom is an end of season celebration that lasts about a week as a specific and central breed of mushroom release their giant bio-luminescent spores. They’re visible during the day, but put on quite the light show at night.

For those of you who have been speculating on Lon and Noh’s relationship, here is your answer! And if it isn’t super clear what Caste they were born in to, the answer is definitely Green.

Anyhow, thanks for sticking around and checking back! See you Tuesday!