Hello! So that was an unexpected hiatus extension. We both learned some pretty valuable lessons this past summer about what is and isn’t possible to do while you’re trapped in the middle of nowhere with an easily bored grade schooler–I got pretty much next to nothing actually done this summer aside from some design work and this cover thanks to a million meetings (kiddo is being assessed with AHDH and potentially a second learning disability, and part of that assessment is wrapping up this week while the other part will be ongoing), injuring my shoulder and generally being at the whims of someone who wants to be doing twenty things at once, none of which involve allowing me to just sit down and work uninterrupted for any real amount of time. Next summer we will likely just be on hiatus for the entirety of it as a baseline.

The good news is that we’re back, and at our twice-a-week schedule! I’ve got both this week and next week done, and I started a new batch of pages yesterday. We’re still adjusting to the new school year, but it is already less frustrating and stressful than last year was, so unless there’s some sort of emergency, I don’t really foresee any schedule interruptions, though I will be sure to tell you if that changes.

It feels great to be back in the saddle! As always, you can see what we’re up to day-to-day on twitter. You can find me @skullamity and Cory at @broliloquy. See you next week!